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Mystery, Contemporary Romance, Western Romance, Historical Fiction

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JEANNE HARRELL started her writing career as a language arts teacher. Her initial interest was children’s stories, but moved on to western romance, mysteries and historical fiction. She has published 24 novels, both independent and contract. Jeanne contributes regularly to guest blogs and has her own blog called in which she discusses the research involved in the books she writes. She has established Twitter and Facebook fan bases, a quarterly author newsletter and a website under her pseudonym: JEANNE HARRELL at She was a finalist in the 2017 UK Independent Book Awards for her first historical fiction novel, LONDON SPIES, and was given the Silver Award with the International Independent Film Awards for her screenplay called REDEMPTION. Jeanne conducts writing/publishing symposiums in her local area. She is currently working on the third book in her military intelligence series entitled WASHINGTON SPIES. She lives and works in Reno, Nevada.


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